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The Housing Agency Retirement Trust (HART) was established in 1970 exclusively to serve local and regional housing authorities and redevelopment agencies. HART is a nonprofit trust, which is owned by more than 7,300 participants in the Plan.

More than 460+ participating agencies already enjoy these advantages:

  • Trustee direction - The Plan is governed by Trustees who serve without pay. They must be participants in the Plan and employed by a participating employer.
  • Multi-employer savings - The Plan pools the retirement contributions of all participants, which helps to lower investment and administrative costs, as well as annuity purchase rates.
  • Flexibility - Participating employers can customize the Plan to meet their individual needs, with respect to eligibility, contribution levels, vesting schedules and loan provisions. Employers join the Plan through a Joinder Agreement.
  • Administration - The Plan is administered by Mercer, a division of Marsh and McLennan. Since inception, the Plan has been administered by the same Plan Administrator.
  • Record Keeping - Personalized service is provided by HART's Recordkeeper, ADP Retirement Services. The individuals working on HART's plan have a combined 44+ years of experience working exclusively with HART participants.
  • Diversification - HART's Trustees and investment advisors work hard to provide participants with a diversified range of investments from which to choose. This offers participants the ability to properly allocate their portfolios so that they can reduce investment volatility and maximize retirement savings. Please refer to the Defined Contribution Plan page or the 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan page for information on investment options.
  • Stability - HART's long-standing relationship with its Plan Administrator and Recordkeeper provides a high level of stability. Since inception, the Plan has been administered by Mercer, and recordkeeping is provided by ADP Retirement Services. Each individual working exclusively on HART's plan has more than 25+ years of experience in the Plan.
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