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The HART Board of Trustees is pleased to offer two forms of investment advisory services to all HART Plan participants. This service is provided by GuidedChoice™. This service helps investors answer one of the most common questions about their retirement plan: which investments should I choose? From savvy investors seeking accurate projections, to reluctant savers looking for start-to-finish help, the system provides as little or as much assistance as each participant prefers.

Program Highlights

  • GuidedChoice™ is an independent service firm providing Investment Advice and Managed Account Services to individual retirement plan participants.
  • GuidedChoice™ provides advice that can be trusted, tailored to the individual's needs and specific plan choices, delivered through an easy-to-use online interface or by an advisor over the phone.
  • Implementation of recommended investment transactions automatically, with one mouse click.
  • The Managed Account Services provides management for the life of the account, including ongoing tracking and regular asset rebalancing, using a managed-account model.
  • Their patented business process and software solutions are based on their team's extensive real-world experience with investors, retirement plans and investment managers.
  • Their core product, GuidedSavings™, delivers retirement plan advice through robust analytical software and sophisticated automation, offering one-click implementation to participants.
  • The board of experts overseeing the GuidedChoice™ advisory software and investment solutions is led by Harry M. Markowitz, Ph.D., the Nobel laureate for Modern Portfolio Theory.
  • Other members of the advisory team include: C. Todd Conover, Managing Director of Starmont Asset Management, former U.S. Comptroller of the Currency and author of "The Art of Astute Investing", Jim McIlveny, Executive Vice President, Marsh-McLennen, Thomas McKissick, Managing Director, Trust Company of the West, and Mark Miller, President of Watermark Asset Management.

There is no cost for the Investment Advice service and the cost for Managed Accounts by GuidedChoice™ is 0.35% basis points. The detailed Investment Advisory Agreement (terms and conditions) will be available once a participant enters their personal account via the HART website. Get started today by logging into your participant account and then by clicking on "Guided Savings."

HART is dedicated to providing solutions that help participants make wise decisions about saving for retirement.

It is our pleasure to serve on your behalf, and we thank you for your continued support.


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