We want to welcome you to the newly designed web site for The Housing Agency Retirement Trust. Because of the uniqueness of your retirement plan, we want to bring to your attention that there will be an array of items that are not specific to HART but are useful for educating you generally about retirement plans. You may have a spouse who participates in a 401(k) plan. HART is not a 401(k) plan, but is qualified under 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The HART Board of Trustees has not approved some items that are permissible for other retirement plans — for example hardship withdrawals, home loans, or multiple loans.

You will encounter several definitions intended to be a learning tool for speaking the language of investments. Some of these definitions or circumstances do not apply to governmental plans, which HART is. For example, once you have met the eligibility requirement of your employer's joinder agreement, it is a condition of employment for you to participate in this plan. The good news is, if you have gotten this far in the web site, you are already a participating member, and we welcome you!

If you come across something that you have a question about, please contact ADP Retirement Services at 1-800-798-2044.

Finally, to make things less cumbersome for you, all of the forms for this plan are on the HART website home page found at www.hart-retire.com. Once you've logged on to the site, scroll to the link labeled "Download HART Forms," and click on it. You'll find the enrollment form, change of address form, notice of changes form, request for benefit payment form package, voluntary in-service withdrawal form, loan payoff form, and the rollovers into HART form.

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